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Q&A with Taylor T. | Human Resource Department Intern The Foundling

Internships present a great opportunity for students and young adults to learn about working at a nonprofit. This summer, a group of interns from across New York City had the chance to see our work in action, collaborate with staff and make a difference in the lives of the people and communities we serve. Below is our final intern profile for the summer.


Where do you go to school?


I attend Bennett College, an all-girls school in Greensboro, North Carolina.


What is your favorite subject?


One of my favorite subjects is writing. Writing allows me to tell stories I know and hold closest to me. It also allows me to voice my opinion on different subjects.


Where do you see yourself in five years?


In five years from now, I see myself still in school, possibly getting a Master’s Degree.  


Who is your role model and why?


For many years I have been surrounded by amazing women. One woman that has stood out to me for many years has been my cousin Terrenda White. She is the first in my family to graduate with a PhD. This means a lot to me because I was able to watch how much work she put in during this process. Seeing how dedicated she was meant so much to me.


What project did you work on while at The Foundling?



During my internship I helped the Human Resources Department create information packets that explain the different benefits available to staff at The New York Foundling. The packets included information about health insurance, the organization’s Wellness Program, and how to obtain an employee ID card.


What will you take away from your experience at The Foundling?


During my time at The Foundling, I have learned that working well with others helps things run smoothly and that The New York Foundling cares about all employees no matter how long you’ve been there.


What piece of advice would you tell future Foundling Interns?


Come well rested and ready to work.


What is your spirit animal and why?


I would say my spirit animal is a bear. A bear is strong and confident. I see myself as a born leader, helpful and often in charge. Bears also like to rest and have alone time.  


If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go and why?


I would like to visit Mvezo, South Africa. This was the place Nelson Mandela was born.


What is the last book you read, what are you reading now?


The last book I read was “Piece of Cake” by Cupcake Brown and my current book is “Giovanni’s Room” by James Baldwin.


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