Q&A with Rajiv, a Stand-Out ‘Road to Success’ Student

Above: Rajiv on the day of his high school graduation (Credit: NY1).


After hitting some academic roadblocks in 2015, during his sophomore year of high school, Rajiv joined The New York Foundling’s Road to Success program, available to youth in foster care.


After just two years of working closely with his tutor Dylan, Rajiv went from being a good student to a great student, program staff notes. He even scored a 31 on his ACT!


Because of his story and success, Rajiv was recently featured on NY1.


To celebrate his graduation from Queens High School for the Sciences at York College on June 27, we asked Rajiv a few questions about his experiences with RTS.


1. What challenges have you faced in school?


The tremendous distance from my home(s) due to sporadic home changes, and the general academic rigor of my school (school ranked 8th in the state) have all been roadblocks that I have overcome with my time at RTS.


2. What have you achieved through RTS and what achievements are you most proud of?


RTS has helped me pass my required regents with flying colors, has helped me attain SAT/ ACT scores in the top 10% of all test takers, and has helped me navigate the complex college application process, yielding a tremendous amount of positive results.


3. How have you felt about your time in RTS?


I am tremendously grateful for the dedication that my tutor has for helping me advance my academic career and help me attain success in many ways which will enhance my future at college


4. How has RTS helped you achieve your goals?


Weekly sessions on a rigid basis year round, constant communication via email, hosting college-bound sessions and providing me with a tremendous amount of school resources (i.e. graphing calculators, notebooks and writing utensils.


Rajiv was accepted to Baruch. We’re are all very proud of you, Rajiv!


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