Program & Services

No child should fall through the cracks.  No family in crisis should be ignored.  While our mission has expanded since our founding in 1869, we remain committed to those who might otherwise be abandoned by society.  Today, The Foundling is not only one of the largest providers of foster care and adoption services, we provide services across the entire spectrum of needs: child welfare, juvenile justice, education, services for single mothers, support for young people aging out of foster care, programs for the developmentally disabled and much more.

Children & Adolescents

Whether it involves educational services, an opportunity to have a life-changing summer experience, or a path away from the juvenile justice system, The Foundling is a leader in providing innovative care and support for children and adolescents in the child welfare system. 


The Foundling believes that strengthening families and keeping them together is paramount. Our programs and services help families overcome adversity so they can live independently and provide loving, safe homes for their children.


The Foundling is one of the largest providers of residential care and support for adults with developmental disabilities. We also provide housing for former foster youth who are transitioning to adulthood.

Mental Health

Children are most often placed in foster care because they have experienced abuse and/or neglect. We offer mental health services to all children and families in our care to help them heal and move toward success. Beyond in-home care, we also have two clinics in Harlem.

Head Start Programs: Puerto Rico

In addition to serving the New York region, The Foundling operates a large Head Start program that provides education, health, nutrition and parental support to low-income children and families in Puerto Rico.

Research, Advocacy, and Public Education

In addition to our direct service programs, the Vincent J. Fontana Center for Child Protection is an industry leader in publishing in-depth research and advocacy pieces on child abuse prevention and the latest trends within the child welfare industry.

Crisis Nusery Helpline

Are you a parent in need of immediate assistance? We are here to help anytime, every day of the year. Call our 24/7 Crisis Nursery Helpline to speak to trained staff member: 212-886-4000.