Research, Advocacy, and Public Education

"I realized I wasn’t alone. It has helped to talk because I got all my feelings about it out."

- Mel, a 12 year-old girl in therapy with The Foundling speaking on her treatment for abuse.


Exciting News!

This year, The Foundling is working in partnership with the William Randolph Hearst Foundation for the 15th year of the Hearst Program, a professional development course for social workers, nursers, and other health-care providers  to prevent child abuse and neglect. 

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The Foundling's Research, Advocacy, and Public Education Efforts:

In addition to our direct service programs, the Vincent J. Fontana Center for Child Protection is a national leader in research and advocacy on child abuse prevention and the latest trends within the child welfare field.

The Foundling has long been a child welfare leader and, in 1999, we expanded that area of focus by establishing The Vincent J. Fontana Center for Child Protection. Dedicated to advancing the prevention and treatment of abused and neglected children, the center has pioneered the use of evidence-based treatment services, which has helped change the child welfare field dramatically.  Led by our research and program evaluation teams, our evidenced-based treatment services assess the effectiveness of treatment and service interventions so that we can identify and replicate those programs that work best. These models are helping all providers to improve the quality of our services, to deliver better long-term outcomes and to be more accountable.

The Fontana Center also serves as The Foundling’s professional development center for staff and community members, offering community education programs, child safety workshops and child sexual abuse prevention training. We also have grant-sponsored suicide prevention trainings for Foundling staff, youth, and families in Westchester and New York City. For more information on training schedules, check out our Suicide Prevention Training Brochure, or contact our Regional Training Coordinator, Ketsia Delarosa-Torres at 212-660-1306. 


To help other organizations in the child welfare field to improve the quality of their services, The Foundling recently launched the Implementation Support Center. We are hopeful that the ISC will expand our proven evidence-based models across the country.


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Success Stories

Reversing the Stats

The statistics on the right are no doubt disturbing. Far too many children are victims of abuse each year, and that abuse has long-lasting negative consequences on children as they grow older.

However, The Foundling is using these statistics to inform our programming in the following ways:

  • Reduce Costs- We conduct thorough research to reduce child abuse, improving the lives of so many abused children nationwide while also reducing treatment costs

  • Improve Treatment- We provide therapy to help victims of abuse and neglect deal with their trauma to reduce the cycle of abuse.

  • Reduce the Consequences- We offer mental health treatment and family therapy models to help people in our care reduce the root causes of their addiction and criminal behavior, which in many cases is due to previous abuse or neglect.

From our juvenile justice programs, to foster care, to our mental health services, The Foundling is helping our victims of abuse and neglect through detailed research practices and supportive care. Our hope is that through our research and advocacy efforts, The Foundling will become a nationwide model, providing comfort and care to thousands of children each day.