Foster Care

"Just because we don’t have the same beginning as others, we’re still equal and we can still succeed"

Juan, a foster youth receiving Youth Development Support

Media headlines tell disheartening stories about abused children being removed from their homes, but this represents only a fraction of the cases in which parents are unable to care for their children and foster placements become necessary.  Now, at any given time, more than 600 children are living in Foundling foster homes and residential facilities around the city.


While supporting and strengthening the family so that children can remain in their homes is always our hope (visit our Preventing Foster Care Placement page to find out more), the child’s welfare must be the first priority. We take great care to ensure that every child in one of our foster homes lives in a safe and nurturing environment, providing services that focus on their emotional, psychological and physical health.


When the child is in foster care, we work with birth families to plan for a permanent solution. Our goal is to provide the support and parental training necessary to enable families and children to reunite and, when that’s not possible, to find an alternative permanent and stable living solution. Our full-time caseworkers are devoting their lives each day in all five boroughs to strengthening our foster families and birth families, so that all children live in healthy, stable and loving environments. 

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A Student's Success Story

Sandra, a student receiving educational support:

After poor performance during the school year, Sandra, a 17-year old young woman in foster care was flagged as being at high risk of dropping out. The Foundling provided her with an Educational Specialist, who worked one-on-one with her to help boost her academic performance. The specialist developed an academic improvement plan and put Sandra in touch with available school and community resources that could help boost her academic performance. She also helped Sandra plan her path to graduation, and identified post-graduation goals to help her stay motivated. Now, Sandra’s attendance has improved and she is moving toward graduation and college. At a recent career fair sponsored by The Foundling, the student presented a potential employer with a very professional-looking resume. When asked who helped her, Sandra remarked, “My educational specialist. She helps me with everything and got me on the right track so I can graduate.”

A Parent's Success Story

A Parent’s Turnaround :

Ms. Bolds was a mother battling with drug addiction. Not wanting to lose her twin 3-year old girls when they entered foster care, Ms. Bolds approached The Foundling after completing a drug treatment program.  At one of The Foundling’s parenting support sessions, Ms. Bolds told the other parents that she realized she needed to stop being angry with the world and to do what was necessary to complete the program successfully so she could take care of her children.  She participated in every session of the course and ultimately became a role model for the other parents. Ms. Bolds graduated from her therapy group sessions and commented that the group helped her to understand how to be a better parent and had given her new tools to do so.  Her two children will soon re-enter her care, able to grow up with a mother capable of providing a loving and stable environment for them.


Did you know:

63% of children that enter a foster home return to their families within 2 years. LEARN MORE »