Crisis Nursery

"They helped me with everything. I don’t know where I’d be today without them."

- Selina Bell, guest in The Foundling’s Crisis Nursery

I’ve lost my housing and have no safe place to bring my children.

I’m at my wits end. I need someone to help get my family back on our feet.

To do what’s best for my children, I need to check into rehab, but I have no one to take care of them.

These are the kinds of statements we hear in the Maria Lucadamo Crisis Nursery every day. We offer respite, a safe place to bring a child for up to 21 days, while parents respond to short-term crises that could otherwise turn into disaster.

The Crisis Nursery is the only city-licensed emergency respite care facility of its kind.  Staffed by a team of social workers, doctors, nurses and teachers, the Crisis Nursery creates a loving environment for vulnerable children, with educational activities, playtime and medical care when needed – even toys and clothes are provided.

The care and support of the nursery does not end there. Our staff helps the families plan for their child’s return home, addressing through aftercare services the causes of the family’s stress to ensure that their first visit to the Crisis Nursery is their only one. This past year, the Crisis Nursery provided a safe place for 194 children in 123 families and responded to calls from 1,149 parents and caregivers who knew they could not do it alone.

If you are a parent who is struggling, stressed and overwhelmed, please call us at 1-888-435-7553, or visit our helpline page.

Success Story

One Mother’s Story

In the midst of a great crisis, Selina, a single mother of two on the verge of homelessness, turned to The Foundling.

At The Foundling’s Crisis Nursery, Selina was able to leave her two children, ages 5 & 7. While her kids received around the clock care in the form of nutritious food, housing, organized playtime, medical and psychological evaluations, and educational support for over two weeks, Selina received a full spectrum of services that focused on each of the issues causing the family to be in crisis. Once she reunited with her kids, The Foundling continued to help her get back on her feet and ensure the kids were in a stable environment.

Selina recently expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the support, stating that she is now able to manage her family’s day to day life and successfully care for her children—something that did not seem possible before The Foundling had entered her life.


"Sometimes just knowing there’s somebody to call when you’re overwhelmed. That helps a lot."

- - Dayann, who brought her two children to the Nursery