Physique 57 at The Foundling

Foundling employees of physical strengths participated in a Physique 57 exercise class at our Chelsea location this week! Using 5 pound weights and body weight as resistance, participants went through series of exercises that targeted different parts of the body.


With the help from our incredible instructor Lauren, staff were able to modify each exercise to fit their individual needs while still strengthening and stretching targeted muscle.


“Physique 57 is unlike any other fitness class I’ve ever taken in that it included an entire full-body workout and awakened muscles I didn’t even know I had. As challenging as it was, I would absolutely love to continue on with Physique 57’s training – what a refreshing and inclusive workout!” exclaimed Olivia, a member of The Foundling’s Business Operations team.


Kylie, a member of The Foundling’s Child Abuse Prevention Program said” I thought the class was great. I look forward to participating again. I am also really looking forward to being able to stream upcoming sessions on my computer. Lauren, our instructor, was full of life and made me want to push through the hardest parts.”


Thank you Physique 57 for such an amazing and energizing experience!


See more photos from our class experience here.


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