Our New Website

Welcome to our new website! We are excited to present a new face on our 144 year-old mission to empower the children and families of New York and Puerto Rico. Our new website offers more ways to engage with our work and gain a better understanding of how we serve our communities. Please be sure to sign up for email updates to hear about our latest initiatives and events, and follow us on our social media channels by using our easy to find social media buttons available on each page. As you explore our new site, be on the lookout for some of the following new features:

  • Get Involved- Our “Get Involved” section has far more ways to give back to The Foundling. Check out this section to learn more about our volunteer opportunities, how to make a donation, and more!
  • Program Success Stories- Each program page features testimonials and success stories from our program participants that demonstrate the impact our programs are having on a personal level.
  • Infographics- Each program page also features an infograph with major data points to give readers a better idea of the scope and impact our programs have on the community.
  • Homepage Data Bar- You’ll notice the scrolling data bar on our homepage. Keep an eye out for the statistics to learn more about the child welfare industry, and why our work is so important to the vulnerable children and families we serve.
  • Blog- Visit our blog to learn more about the latest happenings at The Foundling, and share content seamlessly through our interactive social media buttons. You can also filter each blog post by date, program, or keywords through our “search” function.
  • History- Check out our history page for an interactive timeline covering the major milestones in our 144 year history.
  • Locations- Our locations section features an interactive map that shows our locations by borough/county and lists the programs at each location.
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