Meet the New York Foundling’s Registered Dietitians

Written by Foundling Guest Blogger, Madeline Rizzuti, RDN


The New York Foundling provides an abundance of residential services to individuals with developmental disabilities to make sure they are happy, healthy and well taken care of! This includes having Registered Dietitians as part of their interdisciplinary medical team. Registered Dietitians address clinical nutrition needs for treating treat heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other medical conditions.


The New York Foundling’s team of Dietitians teaches staff how to prepare healthy meals, offers smarter ways to shop for groceries, tips for dining out and how to follow a meal plan. Our Dietitians travel across the five boroughs of New York City, as well as, Westchester County, Spring Valley and Port Jervis. They visit Foundling homes and perform cooking demonstrations, check in on clients, and answer questions on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


We have all heard the term ‘Registered Dietitian’ before, but also ‘Nutritionist’… so what’s the difference? And why does the Foundling have Registered Dietitians?


A Registered Dietitian is a health care professional with specialized training that includes a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics, followed by 1,200 hours of supervised practical training in different hospital and community settings. Registered Dietitians have met national standards including a registration examination. A Nutritionist has not completed the specific education requirements of a Registered Dietician but can make helpful recommendations on eating a balanced diet.


Maddie Rizzuti, RDN, Carlye Husserl, RDN, CDN, and Jacqueline Aizen, RDN, CDN, each bring a different flavor and perspective to the team:


  • Carlye is the Director of Food & Nutrition Services and has been working at The Foundling for four years. She loves creating and testing new recipes for Foundling homes. Carlye’s dedication and passion for her work was recognized in April during Staff Appreciation Day where she received the 2016 Mission Award.


  • Maddie is a foodie and lover of cooking who established an interest in working with individuals with developmental disabilities after interning at the Foundling in 2014.


  • Jacqueline is the newest team member, and brings a holistic wellness approach to the team.


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