Meet Jennifer: Educational Specialist, Tutor, Mentor, Friend

Jennifer’s face lights up when she talks about her job as an educational advocate at The New York Foundling – “I love everything about my job. I think what’s most important is that it doesn’t feel like a job.”  Jennifer readily admits that she was not a good student growing up – but a great high school teacher set her on the road to success and inspired her to dedicate her career to helping others.


Today, Jennifer is a certified guidance counselor who is deeply committed to the success of the students she works with.  She seeks to be more than just a tutor – but to also serve as an advocate, mentor and friend to the youth she works with. The advice Jennifer gives to foster youth struggling with school is to “never give up.”


Help Jennifer and all our other awesome Foundling staff show more teens the importance of persevering in their education with a gift to The Foundling this holiday season

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