Meet Jayana: Haven Scholar

Happy #GivingTuesday! This special day is set aside in the midst of the shopping, spending and treating ourselves to give back and support the causes that matter to us. Won’t you consider supporting The Foundling today? If you need another reason to give, read on.


Jayana is 10 years old, and like her sister Tatyana whom you met two weeks ago, she’s a 4th grader at Haven Academy. Jayana is outgoing and friendly and will happily tell anyone who asks how much she loves her school. She says it’s “different from other schools,” and she appreciates how safe she feels at Haven. Her life hasn’t always been safe and easy, but The Foundling and the teachers at Haven have been there for her and her siblings and seen the family to stability.


Her favorite subjects are math and reading, and reportedly, she’s excelling at them both. It’s a very good thing she likes school because Jayana intends to be a surgeon when she grows up. Like her sister Tatyana who wants to be a social worker, Jayana says she wants to do this “so she can help people.”

Her favorite teachers, Ms. Jackson and Ms. Baffour, have plenty of reasons to be proud of Jayana. She works hard in school and at singing, is compassionate and kind to her classmates and friends and is very involved with the anti-bullying campaign at her school.




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