Guest Blog: The Foundling welcomes the new Pope Francis

Thanks to our very own Sister Carol Barnes for this contribution to the blog!

We at The Foundling rejoice at the election of Pope Francis, the new pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. We are particularly delighted that he comes from our hemisphere. He has a deep knowledge of the culture of Latino peoples who live not only in Latin America, but also in the United States and right here in New York. From what we already know about his leadership as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, we believe that what he did there and the way he did it are splendid examples of the service we currently offer at The Foundling.


The Sisters of Charity opened The Foundling in 1869 and welcomed abandoned babies and young children of all races, nationalities and religions. That tradition of non-discrimination continues through the decades and to this day. Our current programs serve children and families at risk of abuse and neglect, as well as those impacted by addiction, homelessness and domestic violence. We also care for youth involved in the juvenile justice system, as well as adults with developmental disabilities.


According to Rev. Thomas Rosico, an official spokesperson for the Vatican, “[The Cardinals] chose someone who has an extraordinary record for compassion to people not just within the Catholic Church…but those on the fringes, the poor, the destitute, the disenfranchised, those living in irregular relationships [sic], those who have suffered…” Truly the people the Archbishop cared for are replicated in the children, youth and families served by The Foundling today!


The compassion exhibited Pope Francis is core to all that we do at The Foundling. Together with the value of excellence these ideals are the essence of our programs and form the platform for a true ministry of the Catholic Church. We offer Pope Francis congratulations as he continues to advance his message of love and compassion.



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