Guest Blog: Former Road to Success Student Reflects on First Semester in College

Above: Christina on PBS MetroFocus during a segment on foster care during Foster Care Awareness Month.


A journey is an act of traveling from one place to another. That includes mind travels — not just physical ones.


The struggles of life played a major role in the person I am today, and the greater person I will become. I got thrown in a jungle and I made it my home. Not everything was handed to me. I went out there and made sure I did exactly what would benefit me in the long run.


Education is very important. I could have nothing else in the world, but as long as I have my education, that’s what matter to me the most. I went from having all Fs to being on the honor roll in a short amount of time because I believed in myself.


Self-confidence is an important trait to have. Without self-confidence you may find yourself lost and alone. I’ve been in those situations but I never allowed that to be a barrier I couldn’t cross. Every bridge that was built I got over. Every bridge I crossed, there was a blessing waiting for me on the other side.


I’m blessed to say that my struggles and the person I am led me to experience the life of college. College is a beautiful thing to experience and that may be something most people don’t understand. There is so much more out there in the world that can benefit us and so many different ways we can make a change in society and I am very thankful for The New York Foundling for allowing me to experience this.


Taking advantage of your resources is one of the major keys to being successful and this journey isn’t over yet.


The above post is an excerpt by Christina one of The Foundling’s Road to Success tutoring program students, who is now attending university in Florida at Johnson & Whales.


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