Foundling Foster Families Receive Heating Oil Donation from Petro

Above: (Left) Jacqueline and her son were grateful to receive the donation to their Brooklyn home right before Christmas. (Bottom right) Amada, who has fostered over 20 children with The Foundling, had heating oil delivered to her Yonkers home on New Year’s Day.


Throughout the bitter cold holiday season, several New York Foundling foster parents across the city received the gift of heat thanks to the generosity of Petro Home Services.


Petro delivered hundreds of gallons of heating oil to a total of three Foundling foster homes just in time for the drop in temps across the New York metro area.


The Foundling’s staff identified foster parents in need of the oil who were also home owners. Foster parent Jacqueline in Brooklyn, who has been a foster parent for two decades, and is currently fostering her two grandchildren, received her donation just before Christmas. Evelyn, a foster parent to five in the Bronx, also received a donation that same day.


On New Year’s Day, Amada, who is from Yonkers and has fostered more than 20 kids with The Foundling, received 117 gallons. Rolo from Petro looked at the house and realized it needed additional repairs and assistance to avoid dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. He made the changes right away, keeping the entire family safe.


The generous donation of this much-needed heating oil came as a result of Foundling board member Anthony Gallo, who works for Petro and helped coordinate the deliveries.


Thank you to Petro for helping our families stay warm through the winter!


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