Foster Youth Document First Year of College: Meet Marcus

Above: Marcus, age 20, is attending LaGuardia Community College in Queens, NY, and studying journalism and media


I came to LaGuardia Community College just recently. At first, I was at the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) in a program called CUNY Start. I was doing well until I heard the news: my aunt Amanda was in a coma. My advisor recommended that I enroll in a college dorm program through The New York Foundling.


Not knowing what was coming next, I decided that if aunt Amanda was alive she would have told me to go for it and enjoy my life. I knew that she did me a favor in spirit. At first, I didn’t want to live in the dorm. However, one day a dream convinced me to go, so the next day I went to my advisor and I told her I would do it, and I put in my application right away. I did what was best for myself not for no one else.


Growing up in foster care I had a lot of problems and did not know that in my 20s I was going to become very motivated and humble. That’s another reason why I went to LaGuardia and loved every second of it. I made a lot of friends but I am not surprised. My aunt Amanda always told me I am special no matter what and people would enjoy my company.


But back to the real story: My story began in CUNY Start First at BMCC, then LaGuardia. Let me tell you college is no walk in the park. You think it will be easy? Err, no you are wrong. Whoever told you that, that was a lie, but that’s not the point.


Classes are hard, but you make sure you don’t miss any days and focus on yourself, not anybody else.


My major is Journalism and Media Studies. I learned a lot about my major in Seminar in the CUNY START program. Seminar helps you explore your options and explains how to do your major and what your major is about. If you’re like me, your advisor is going to teach you. But, let me stop talking about LaGuardia and talk to you more about the dorm project.


The first day I came into the dorm project I was greeted in the most friendly way possible when I met my roommate. He was a cool guy. He even helped me move into my dorm room, which I loved. Coming here, I knew it was going to be an adventure, a joy ride for others. For me, it was my time to shine and smell the air for the very first time living on my own.


My best advice is be yourself, don’t be scared, and be true to who you are. Come here to live and enjoy your best moments in college.


“Who are you to judge the life I live? I am not perfect and I don’t have to be!” -Bob Marley


The above post is an excerpt from an essay written by Marcus. Click here to learn more about The New York Foundling’s efforts and role in the CUNY/ACS Fostering College Success Initiative.


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