Foster Youth Document First Year of College: Jasmine

Above: Jasmine, age 23, rising senior at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. This was her first year of college with the Fostering College Success Initiative.


The day I moved into the dorms at Queens College it was pretty calm. My support team was there with me the entire time and I felt really excited about the new move. My first semester, I spent my time in the classroom as opposed to the spring semester where I took all online courses except for one. This gave me the opportunity to do other activities on the Queens College campus.  I enjoyed my classes because they were very specific and detailed.


I transferred from a different college, so seeing the change in teaching styles was great. I learned a lot about myself through these classes. I did a lot of community service this year through the YAB group for New Yorkers for Children. I was invited to be a part of two galas, helping raise money for youth in care, and it was definitely an exciting experience.


My Residential Case Planner, Lovedeep, is amazing to say the least. She always makes sure she can get an answer to my many questions. She is always there for me and I appreciate this very much. My tutor Elizabeth has also been amazing and our time together has been beneficial to me because I feel tutoring is not only about the work.


There were times I didn’t have work, but I would still come just to talk about how I was feeling. It was like academic therapy. Her knowing what I felt, and how it affected my work ethic, allowed her to be a better tutor forms me because she was always aware.


The most challenging thing about living in the dorms is living with other people and them not having the same living style that you do, but that can be experienced outside as well; however, it is not too bad. Dorming and college never was a problem for me, as I know how to keep focused and stay dedicated to my goals.


The above post is an excerpt from an essay written by Jasmine. Click here to learn more about The New York Foundling’s efforts and role in the CUNY/ACS Fostering College Success Initiative.


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