Foster Youth Document First Year of College: Ericka

Above: Ericka


I’ve always seen myself on campus, rooming with cool suitemates, enjoying my independence as a student. One of the challenges I knew I would have to face was getting adjusted to the school community. I have used my first year of college to learn how to be more attentive and determined in everything that I do.


I felt ready for the independence, relationships, and diverse experiences I would gain at Queens College, that would ensure I reach my personal and academic goals. I took advantage of tutoring, school events, and engaging with my R.A.s to certify that I am on the right track—mentally, emotionally, and physically.


I soon realized that I was in the midst of balancing school, tutoring, personal issues, outside projects (regarding my acting and writing career) and dealing with roommates! I dealt with the situation as best as I knew how: with kindness, maturity and rationality. I wanted to move out but I told myself, “just focus on you.”


It’s safe to say that I was indecisive about joining the project because I somewhat predicted the circumstances I found myself currently in. Even with the frustration of not being at peace with where I lived I took a step back and looked at all that I had to be grateful for. I get to dorm for free and experience the college life I have always yearned for—a lot of young people don’t get to do that.


The above post is an excerpt from an essay written by Ericka.


The above post is an excerpt from an essay written by Monica. Click here to learn more about The New York Foundling’s efforts and role in the CUNY/ACS Fostering College Success Initiative.


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