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Five Tips for Baby Safety Month

September is Baby Safety Month and serves as an important reminder for parents and caregivers to freshen up on some very important skills to create the safest possible environment for a child in their care. Below are five safety tips for parents and caregivers, courtesy of Baby Safety Zone and WebMD.


  • Keep furniture secure. The leading cause of injury to children is tripping and knocking furniture over, so be sure to secure all furniture to the floor or walls to avoid any harm.
  • Care safety. Never allow a child to sit in the front seat of a car or on your lap. Instead, securely place young children in an approved car seat. Make sure that the car seat is designed for your child’s age and that it passes all safety regulations.
  • Install (and test) smoke alarms. Make sure that there is a fully functioning smoke alarm on each floor of your home, and that the batteries in the alarm are changed frequently, about every six months.
  • Choking hazards. Check that all of the toys your baby is playing with are bigger than the size of their mouth so they do not accidentally ingest anything that could be harmful.
  • Emergency numbers. Create a list of emergency numbers and keep it nearby (at home and saved in your cell phone). Some of these numbers should include: your child’s pediatrician, the police department, the fire department, and poison control. The number for the national poison control center is 800-222-1222.


The New York Foundling offers a safe place to bring a child for up to three weeks, while parents can respond to short-term crises that could otherwise turn into a disaster. This haven is called the Crisis Nursery, and it is the only city-licensed emergency respite care facility of its kind.


Special thanks to Amanda E., summer intern at The Foundling, for researching and writing this blog post.

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