First-Time Olympians at Camp Felix

The 2016 Rio Olympics are well underway with the United States having won 19 medals, China with 13 medals, and Australia with 8 medals so far—but have you tuned into the Camp Felix Olympics?


Last week, the Camp Felix Olympic Opening Ceremony began with each cabin being assigned a country and given the challenge to present to the entire camp unique facts about their appointed country while also exhibiting their cabin-made banner, cheer and dance. The Camp Felix flag was raised and the Olympic torch was passed to each cabin—it’s a tradition at Camp Felix for every single camper to touch and pass along the torch until it reaches the last camper, in which the ceremony concludes. But where the Opening Ceremony comes to an end, the games begin!


The day is spent with two countries (cabins) competing against each other at the various Olympic games stations. The stations consist of fun and high energy activities such as pool races, basketball tournaments, ring toss and other sports. There was even a water balloon stomping competition!  At the closing ceremony, each country (cabin) was honored with awards and medals for their individual accomplishments and sportsmanship.


Tune in next week to hear about Camp Felix’s Open House which includes a special BBQ and talent show put on by the campers. Click here to learn more about Camp Felix from a recent article on Patch.com!


To ensure that children in New York City’s child welfare system continue to enjoy the magic of Camp Felix, sponsor a camper today!


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