Developmental Disabilities Month – New Home in the Wakefield Neighborhood!

As part of our Developmental Disabilities program, our staff works diligently with individuals to promote independence, teach daily-living skills and self advocacy. Our person-centered approach helps individuals achieve meaningful outcomes so they can become integrated members of their communities and have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.


In February, a very exciting chapter happened not only at the The Foundling but also in the lives of five young men. These gentlemen had dreams of living independently in their own apartments and spent the last several years working very hard in our Developmental Disabilities programs to obtain the necessary skills to do so. Their dreams finally came true when they moved into their own apartment in the Wakefield section of the Bronx.


There was an excitement in the air on the day they moved in. Each one of them excited to see their new bedroom decorated the way they wanted them to be and in their favorite color. Their new apartments were completely renovated and decorated in beautiful vibrant colors. Their excitement continued as the days passed and every day was a new adventure, whether they were cooking for themselves or deciding on what to do with their basement or their recreation area.


It took a lot of coordinated effort from Foundling staff and supporters to ensure their dreams come true. Thank you to all that contributed!

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