Developmental Disabilities Month – Community Employment

People with disabilities should have an opportunity to make an informed choice about employment, including a chance to explore community jobs, connect with peers who are employed, plan for a career that meets their interests and skills, understand the impact of income on benefits, and be successful in integrated community employment.


Meet Raymond. He’s 27 years old and lives in one of our group residences in Staten Island. Raymond, who grew up in Queens, NY, loves to listen to music, dance, watch TV, and go out into the community. Although Raymond’s dream job is to be a singer and dancer, he decided to seek assistance in finding employment in the community to begin saving money. Seeking support from his Medicaid Service Coordinator, he was able to secure employment at Stop N Shop, his community supermarket. Some of his responsibilities include receiving deliveries, stocking shelves with grocery items, and performing general maintenance as needed.


His employment at Stop N Shop is also helping him budget and practice money management so he can be more financially responsible and eventually save enough to live on his own. We asked Raymond what he likes most about working in his community. He says, “I enjoy working and earning my own money. I also enjoy working with my coworkers, making new friends at work, and interacting with community members.”


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