Celebrating The Foundling’s Nurses During National Nurses Week!

National Nurses Week began on Friday, May 4 and runs through Friday, May 11. To celebrate and honor the team of nurses we have at The Foundling, we asked them a few questions about their experiences over the years, what made them choose this profession and what they value most about their careers. Their answers were so heartfelt and inspiring that we decided to share some excerpts below.


What do you admire most about the men and women who enter the field of nursing?


“Nurses serve other each and every day by putting people first and increasing their quality of life.”


 – Aimee Greene, Vice President of Nursing at The Foundling


“Teamwork (and) the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”


– Sashoi G., Assistant Nursing Supervisor for The Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Division


Why did you become a nurse?


“As a child, I knew nursing was my calling. My aunt who raised me nursed people in our community. Sometimes, she took me along with her and they called me little Florence Nightingale. As a child, I didn’t know what this meant, but I know now that she was a pioneer for modern nursing and I was honored to be compared to her. I started working at The Foundling in 2000 as a Registered Nurse in the Bronx with a case load of 12 individuals. Last year I was promoted to Assistant Vice President of Nursing!”


– Delores L., Assistant Vice President of Nursing


The Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Division


“I became a nurse because I wanted to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Nursing has always felt natural to me, and the perfect career fit. I’ve been a nurse with The Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Division for three years now and it’s been a rewarding, insightful and humbling journey.”


– Cherchill C., Registered Nurse


Tell us about a memorable moment working at work?


“There is an individual who recently reminded me why I am in this profession and why I love what I do. He had a rough start before he was released to our care. He has multiple medical diagnoses along with his developmental disabilities which require extensive protocols and close medical follow up. Today he is healthy, stable medically, and thriving in one of our residential homes. He receives excellent support from the whole staff and I am there to ensure his medical needs are being met. It gives me such great satisfaction to watch someone flourish to their full potential.”


– Marie Y., Registered Nurse


“My favorite part is the universal professionalism and dedication shown by every single department across The Foundling. It is a reminder that we are all in this together and the support is just astounding.”


– Rachel D., Registered Nurse


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