Celebrate Social Work Month! Meet Our Highlighted Social Worker: Svetlana Rosenblatt

March is Social Work Month and today we celebrate Svetlana Rosenblatt, MSW, a Task Supervising Case Planner for The Foundling’s Preventive Services Deaf Program. Svetlana has been supporting, encouraging, empowering and educating her clients at The Foundling for 12 years. When Svetlana first started her career, she realized the great need New York City had for more deaf social workers who were fluent in American Sign Language. She decided then that she would dedicate her career to advocate for the deaf population.


From working in various divisions at The Foundling, such as Group Home Foster Care and Preventive Services Deaf Program, Svetlana expanded her skills, knowledge and understanding of social work. In 2005 she pursued her Master’s degree at New York University.


Svetlana has learned through her experiences that to be a strong social worker, one must be motivated, ambitious and courageous. She explains, “My work is crucial as I help families learn to rely on their own strengths and abilities while creating a path to their own independence.” Svetlana has helped numerous families reach their goals and access available resources by teaching them how to advocate for their rights.


Thank you to all our social workers, case planners, and entire staff! Though Social Work Month is coming to an end, visit our blog to learn more about past Highlighted Social Workers and remember to subscribe to The Foundling’s email to receive updates about events, news and more!

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