Celebrate Social Work Month! Meet Our Highlighted Social Worker: Melissa Donohue

March is Social Work Month and today we celebrate Melissa Donohue, LMSW, a Medicaid Service Coordinator for the Foundling’s Nanuet, NY Developmental Disabilities Division.  Melissa went to Fordham University for her masters and studied sociology and psychology as an undergraduate at Purchase College. She has always wanted a career in which she could help people.


For Melissa, it is extremely rewarding to provide extra support to individuals with developmental disabilities. Melissa helps her clients see their full potential and coaches them to identify their inner strengths to reach their goals. She creates an atmosphere where they can grow and thrive,  and has seen many of her clients graduate high school, obtain jobs, and participate in extracurricular activities in their communities.


When her clients are going through hardships, Melissa reminds them that they are not alone—in fact, they have a whole team behind them! She reassures them that their goals are possible and any progress made is a positive step forward.   Melissa believes that, “the waiting game is hard, but it’ll happen, and we’ll get there together!”


Thank you to all our social workers, case planners, and entire staff! Learn about last week’s Highlighted Social Worker of the Month, Kyle C. Kalski here. And make sure to keep an eye out for next week’s Highlighted Social Worker of the Month!  


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