Celebrate Social Work Month! Meet Our Highlighted Social Worker: Kyle C.

March is Social Work Month and today we celebrate Kyle C. , LMSW, a case planner for the Foundling’s Deaf Services Program. By overcoming personal challenges and barriers involved with his own deafness, Kyle was inspired by the prospect of social work so he could instill hope in others who are facing obstacles of their own.


Working at The Foundling is a great way for Kyle to combine Deaf cultural values with his career. He provides his clients with empathy, encouragement and advocacy as they work together towards a positive change.


“Seeing how my clients overcome discrimination is something that I admire. Witnessing their personal struggles can be hard to watch which is why I encourage them to take control of their own lives and current situation. Instead of letting them stay silent, I empower them to be heard,” Kyle explained. 


There are no words to express the sense of gratification Kyle feels when he sees his clients leading fulfilling lives after conquering difficult situations. He hopes that his ongoing efforts will make a lasting impact in the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community.


Thank you to all our social workers, case planners, and entire staff! Learn about last week’s Highlighted Social Worker of the Month, Dorthe Hall here. And make sure to keep an eye out for next week’s Highlighted Social Worker of the Month!


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