Celebrate Social Work Month 2017! Meet Our Highlighted Social Worker: Toni R. Verdejo

March is Social Work Month and today we celebrate Toni R. Verdejo, senior therapist for The Foundling’s Bronx FFT-CW.


Toni R. Verdejo has been with NYF a little over a year. She joined the team at a time whereby the Bronx FFT-CW was shifting its culture to provide top quality evidence informed clinical practice to families in the South Bronx. Toni has embodied the programs mission of doing whatever it takes for her families and team to address the needs of the community.


As a child residing in the Bronx, Toni aspiration was to serve the Bronx Community as a mental health provider as she observed the stigmas and the negative discussion that members of the community discussed. She pursued higher education and engaged in activities that would increase her knowledge but also her skill level in managing the needs of all populations.


While at the NYF she has demonstrated her skills in implementing evidence informed strategies that reflect the unique needs of each family she serve. She has currently joined the leadership team by becoming her teams Senior Therapist. The Programs looks forward in enhancing her leadership skills while nurturing her clinical practice. She is a true assets to the Bronx FFT-CW.


“The most rewarding aspects of my role as a Senior Therapist involves seeing the families I work with uncover their strengths and acknowledge their resilience to overcome difficult times. The opportunity to see my families transition from surviving to thriving is a privilege I remind myself of everyday. Similarly, I enjoy seeing my team and fellow clinicians grow through hard work, grit, and a sense of humor. It is an honor to work alongside people whose passions and values align with my own. Most importantly, the greatest aspect of this role is striving to embody the characteristics I want to see in the world: being open, empathic, and knowing when to have a good laugh.”

– Toni R. Verdejo


Thank you to all our social workers, case planners, and entire staff! Make sure to keep an eye out for next week’s Highlighted Social Worker of the Month!


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