Celebrate Social Work Month 2017! Meet Our Highlighted Social Worker: Bonnie Loughner

March is Social Work Month and today we celebrate Bonnie Loughner, supervisor for The Foundling’s STEPS program.


Bonnie was nominated by her peers as someone who embodies the essence of social justice and the ethics and principles of social work. Since at the Foundling she has played two different roles and both of which she has done with an undying passion, commitment, skill level, care, and fire that stands out from the rest. She spends her days not only supporting her team as a supervisor but families as well.


Bonnie’s team always feels the emotional support in a field that can feel relentless but also feels her push for excellence and growth. Her families feel her genuine care and concern for their lives. Outside of her work, she is very close to her family and friends and is always working to celebrate their lives. She has a brand new niece who brings the biggest smile to her face every time she talks about her. She loves to travel to Spanish speaking countries as she is fluent in the language and is an avid Yogi. Bonnie is truly “a gem” and such an asset to New York Foundling but, most importantly, the field of social work.


 “The most rewarding part of being a social worker is being able to support and empower families to identify their strengths and unrelenting resilience. Being a social worker means that I am fortunate enough to help families address the systemic challenges that stand in their way, and work to identify the tools and skills that will enable them to create their own unique lives.”

– Bonnie Loughner


Thank you to all our social workers, case planners, and entire staff! Make sure to keep an eye out for next week’s Highlighted Social Worker of the Month!



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