Camp Felix Reunion 2017

This past January, over 30 Camp Felix campers along with their families and camp staff members attended the Camp Felix annual reunion at Dave and Busters. Having this annual reunion allows our campers to reconnect with the friends and staff that made a positive impact on their lives during their memorable summer at camp.


The mother of a Camp Felix participant had the following to say about his time at camp and their experience at the reunion.


“Camp Felix reunion was awesome. I was so happy my kids got to catch up with their friends as well as reconnect with their counselors who were so supportive of them over the summer, all while having so much fun.


Allen says Camp Felix is his secret getaway for the summer vacation because he can be himself and made a lot of friends and no one even knows that he has ADHD because everyone is too busy having fun. This truly warmed my heart because he struggles making friends at school because his medication makes him distant and moody.


I truly appreciate Camp Felix staff for their support and helping to make my kids have safe and joyful summers.”


To learn more about the only overnight camp for children in the child welfare system visit: Camp Felix

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