Camp Felix: Reflecting on a Summer of Successes

This guest post was written by Jane, Program Director of Camp Felix


August 25th marked the last day of our 12th summer at Camp Felix! With your help, we provided an unforgettable summer camp experience for a total of 163 children this summer.



More than half of them were new to Camp Felix. These campers were treated to a wide array of programs and activities including sports, swimming in the pool, arts and crafts, dance, theater, music, photography, rock climbing, DJ workshops, camp fires, scavenger hunts, brain games, yoga, special events and performances and much more. They made new friends and formed solid bonds with their counselors, they learned new skills, spent time outdoors surrounded by beautiful nature, and most importantly – they just got to be kids!



This summer was filled with many firsts for us – first field trip for our CIT’s (Counselors In Training) to go kayaking on the Hudson River, first summer with a full-time Social Worker on staff, first summer with as many as 4 staff members who are previous campers, plus an expert-led rock climbing program and a weekly professional photo shoot which provided each camper with a framed photo of him/herself to take home.



Our outstanding team of dedicated staff members, led by Camp Director Josh Hernandez (from Haven Academy), did a great job as they supervised the campers, engaged them in activities, taught them about friendship, encouraged team spirit, comforted them during rough times, and celebrated their successes.



All the work and preparation that goes into making Camp Felix possible is truly a team effort – at New York Foundling and at The Felix Organization. I continue to be impressed by our colleagues at the various programs, regions, and departments at NYF, and I couldn’t be more grateful to our friends and co-sponsors at the Felix Organization.



Here is what a few campers had to share about their experience at Camp Felix this summer:



“I get to do everything I’ve wanted to do at camp.” – 9-year-old camper


“Camp Felix is a hopeful place to be. You learn a lot of things from other people and from the staff members – like being kind to each other, and how to say things better.” – 12-year-old camper


“It’s a really fun experience. Counselors are down to earth with us. They really care about us.” – 13-year-old camper


“Camp Felix is all about trying new things, meeting new people and making a family with them. Everyone tries new things and counselors work hard to help you.” – 12-year-old camper


“This summer I got to be on stage for the first time – it was scary at first but felt better when I saw friends cheering me on. I feel supported by people here.” – 13-year-old camper



I thank you all for contributing to life-changing experiences and everlasting memories for so many deserving campers.



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