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Camp Felix R.E.S.P.E.C.T. | Sponsor a Camper




Respect for self and other

Engage in positive decision-making

Support each other at camp

Peaceful conflict resolution

Experience something new

Care for your environment

Tolerance for others despite differences


Guided by this philosophy of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for the past 9 years, Camp Felix has offered an enriching camp experience for over 150 kids, completely free of charge. With the return of #SponsorACamper, we’ll highlight life at camp and with your help, make this summer the best yet. All donations go directly towards enhancing the camp experience for our youth. To donate go to: http://bit.ly/1dAWCXL


Sponsor Camper - R

R : Respect for self and others. From basketball to soccer, Camp Felix offers a variety of sports for campers. Being part of a team teaches campers the value of good sportsmanship and the importance of treating teammates and peers with respect. By donating to Sponsor a Camper, you can help foster youth experience the power of positive teamwork, and allow them to gain social skills that will lead them towards forming successful relationships later in life. #SponsorACamper #RESPECT



Sponsor Camper - E

E : Engage in positive decision-making. At Camp Felix, campers get a chance to express their creativity through various arts and crafts projects. The act of making artistic choices has been shown to increase decision-making skills in youth and provide a healthy outlet for expressing feelings. Coming from a school system where many arts programs have been cut due to budgets, Camp Felix is a place where kids can experience the benefits creating art has on their confidence level and decision-making skills. A donation to Sponsor a Camper will expose a child to the powerful benefits of the arts. #SponsorACamper #RESPECT



Sponsor Camper - S

S : Support each other at camp. Camp Felix counselors, many of whom are foster care alumni themselves, work hard to make sure there’s a sense of unity and support among campers. Because all campers have foster care backgrounds, they’re able to relate to each other and create bonds that can last a lifetime. By looking out for younger campers and being supportive towards peers, campers experience increased self-esteem and a feeling of competence.  Your donation can help kids from the child welfare system learn how to care for others, a skill they bring back with them when camp ends. #SponsorACamper #RESPECT



Sponsor Camper - P

P : Peaceful conflict resolution. Theater is one of the many activities at Camp Felix that help campers overcome fear and gain skills that allow them to address conflict in their lives responsibly and peacefully. The act of participating in a collaborative effort allows them to work through obstacles and equips them with the tools and words to face conflicts that may arise in the course of putting on a performance. By sponsoring a camper, you’ll be giving them a chance to improve their self-esteem and communication skills through theater. #SponsorACamper #RESPECT



Sponsor Camper - E2

E : New experiences. For our kids at Camp Felix, going away to camp itself is a new experience. Many campers in the child welfare system leave difficult circumstances and have the opportunity to live carefree outside the city. This is a true luxury that our campers have not been afforded often. As new experiences affect change in us all, campers leave Camp Felix more confident and hopeful for their future. Experience something new. At Camp Felix, campers are given a chance to try rock climbing, an activity most would never experience otherwise. Beyond being a way to keep kids physically active, climbing up to the top gives kids a sense of achievement and an ability to overcome obstacles. A donation to Sponsor A Camper goes towards helping foster youth participate in valuable experiences like this that they would likely miss out on. #SponsorACamper #RESPECT



Sponsor Camper - C

C : Care for your environment. Like at most camps, Camp Felix campers are required to make their beds and keep their cabins tidy. Campers also participate in nature exploration, where they learn the importance of caring for the environment. These types of skills are extremely useful to youth living in the child welfare system. Feeling a sense of control and positive ownership over their environment aids children in becoming productive members of society when they grow up. Your donation allows foster youth to practice skills that help them to become successful adults. #SponsorACamper #RESPECT



Sponsor Camper - T

T :
Tolerance for others despite differences. Camp Felix activities are designed to make campers feel accepted and valued. Being surrounded by peers with similar backgrounds allows them to feel like “a regular kid” –  a feeling that is invaluable for foster youth. Though campers may have many differences, experiencing new things for the first time together, like learning to swim, brings kids closer together and allows them to become more tolerant of others. A donation to Camp Felix will allow a camper to participate in experiences that foster tolerance and understanding. #SponsorACamper #RESPECT


Click here to make a donation and sponsor a camper, or to learn more about Camp Felix. 


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