Bronx Foster Mother of 18 years Adopts (Part II)

The New York Foundling has a long history of placing New York City children into safe, loving and supportive homes. Depending on a child’s unique circumstance, they may be placed into a foster home (this is temporary) or an adoptive home (this is permanent).


As we enter National Adoption Month—held annually each November—we want to take this time to raise awareness on the pressing need to recruit adults who have the ability to open up their heart and home to children in need.


Today we are proud to place a spotlight on Johanny, a Bronx-based mother, who has fostered children in her home for the past 18 years.


In 2011, when Selena was 6 years old, she was placed in Johanny’s home in the Bronx.  From that moment on, Johanny instantly knew that she wanted to care for Selena permanently and that her home was equally Selena’s.  Johanny explained that she and Selena “are a perfect match and she fell in love with her right away”. Their adoption was finalized earlier this year!


Johanny has three older biological children who have kids the same age as Selena.  Johanny is also a foster mother to a 6 year old girl and 3 year old boy..  When the whole family gets together, Johanny cooks amazing meals for the entire household to enjoy. Selena loves to spend time with her siblings and when she grows up, she hopes to be a police officer or a lawyer. Johanny cannot wait to see her accomplish her dreams.


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