April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Here is a list of tips and resources aimed at helping to empower communities in the fight against child abuse. 

  • Remind parents to engage in activities that strengthen their families.  These calendars, one for parents and one for professionals offer great ideas on how to show the children, and families, in your life that you care about them – each and every day. 
  • Be a friend to parents you know. Ask how their children are doing. If a parent seems to be struggling, offer to baby-sit, run errands, or lend a friendly ear. [Remember, our Crisis Nursery Help Line can be reached at 1-888-435-7553]
  • Help us ensure all of the children in our communities feel loved and protected with 100 ways to praise.
  • Talk to your neighbors about looking out for one another’s children. Encourage a supportive spirit among parents in your community
  • Wear a Blue Ribbon during the month of April to give a voice to the children too young to speak for themselves and to remember the children who we have lost because of child abuse. Tell others about the significance of the blue ribbon and encourage them to wear one.  Organize ribbon distribution in your community, at your job, your child’s school, your place of worship, or just within your group of friends. 
  • For more information, see our Child Abuse Prevention brochure and helpful resource guide. Also visit our Facebook page and The National Child Abuse Prevention Month website
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