ACS Honors Foundling Foster Parent at Their Annual Event!

Last night the Administration for Children’s Services celebrated foster parents across New York City. One special foster parent recognized was a woman from The Foundling who opens her home to kids in our care.


Deborah became a foster parent with The Foundling in 2012. Previously she fostered children with Jewish Board Caring Families, where she provided care for youth for 15 years. Deborah also works for the Department of Education as a principal at PK4. Since getting involved with The Foundling, Deborah has focused on bringing in children from our Treatment Family Foster Care department. She embodies the mission of The Foundling by providing excellent service, compassion to the children and family that she serves, as well as dignity to the children placed in her care. Deborah has provided stability and love to many children and youth—her dedication is always evident to others. Children in her home gain a sense of stability and comfort in having a set routine.


Deborah ensures the children in her home receive tutoring and encourages them to pursue their passions, hobbies and interests.

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