4 Books About Foster Parenting

If you’re new to being a foster parent, or have already begun your foster parenting journey and are looking for resources, these books about foster care can provide some insight through stories, advice and more.


1. Three More Words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter

“Compelling read. Sometimes as foster parents we get overwhelmed and consider giving up – and we only foster babies/toddlers! Reading her books has really encouraged me to continue and to consider taking older children in the future.” — Lana, Amazon.com


2. The Foster Parenting Toolbox by Kim Phagan-Hansel

“We are getting our house ready to start emergency foster care, and this book was recommended on several sites and from other parents.” — Hope, Amazon.com


3. The Foster Parenting Manual: A Practical Guide to Creating a Loving, Safe and Stable Home by John DeGarmo

“Such a great book and really broke down in each chapter what to expect. I appreciated the real life experiences and stories. I feel like this has really helped me prepare to be a foster parent.” — Shannon, Amazon.com


4. The Garbage Bag Kids by Virginia Jeffers

“Couldn’t put it down until I finished the book. Really takes you into the home of a foster parent and all the challenges they encounter. Makes one appreciate the dedication and love they pour into these precious lives.” — Sheryl, Amazon.com


For more foster parent advice, check out our post 7 Pieces of Advice for Foster Parents.


During the month of May, we celebrate National Foster Care Month. Here in New York City, The Foundling has about 700 foster children in our care at any given time.


Across the country, hundreds of thousands of children are in need of temporary foster homes until they can be reunited with their parents and return to a safer, more stable home environment. To learn more about foster care and becoming a foster parent, visit The New York Foundling’s foster care page.

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