10 Reasons to Become a Foster Parent with The Foundling!

Above: Foundling foster parents attending “Foster Parent Appreciation Day”


The below blog post was written by Miriam Malcom, Christina McDonald and staff from The Foundling’s foster care and home-finding team.


May is National Foster Care Month and now more than ever before, foster parents are needed to open up their homes to children in need. From teenagers to sibling groups that need to stay together, The Foundling is committed to placing children in safe, loving and supportive homes.


Ever wonder what it’s like to be a foster parent? Ever wonder if you have what it takes to become a foster parent? Have questions on what it means to be a foster parent? Well, we have all those answers and more available here!


Here are 10 reasons why people become a foster parent with The New York Foundling!


  • Genuine love for children and the desire to make a difference in a youth’s life.
  • To serve as a positive role model in their community.
  • To expand their current family composition.
  • Have retired and want to remain active while doing a good social service.
  • Were unable to have children on their own (i.e., infertility) and want to be a parent.
  • A family member is experiencing a challenge and their child needs a safe and supportive place to stay.
  • Understands and recognizes the need and urgency for families to open up their homes to children in the foster care system (often times, foster parents have careers in the social service sector and see the need to care for children).
  • Were involved in the child welfare system growing up and becomes a foster parent to give back.
  • Have the financial means and desire to open their home to children in need.
  • Someone they know is a foster parent and showed them the joy of welcoming children into their home, family and life.
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